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Meet local real estate agents Erick Patterson and Marissa Skaja (pronounced sky-yah), partners of the Patterson Skaja Group. As one of the leading teams in the Minneapolis condo and loft markets, the Patterson Skaja Group has been involved in selling numerous high profile condo and loft projects throughout the downtown Minneapolis area for nearly 10 years. Their experience, service, and focus continue to be a valuable asset for buyers and sellers trying to maneuver the urban market.

Minneapolis is such a unique city with so much to offer! That is why it is important to work with a professional real estate team who knows the market and puts your individual needs first.

Whether you are looking to BUY, SELL, or LEASE in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market, turn to the Erick Patterson, Marissa Skaja and the Patterson Skaja Group.

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Erick  Patterson | Patterson Skaja Group
Direct: 612-220-7673 | Office: 612-777-8005
E-mail: Erick@DRGMpls.com
700 Washington Ave N #101 • Minneapolis, MN 55401

Marissa Skaja | Patterson Skaja Group
Direct: 612-387-1499 | Office: 612-777-8005
E-mail: marissa@drgmpls.com
700 Washington Ave N #101 • Minneapolis, MN 55401

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